CoCoRaHS Night: Now We’re Ready for Rain!

Last night’s CoCoRaHS event was a great success, with 28 new rain gauges going to happy homes in northern New Mexico! We had quite a few Master Gardeners from Santa Fe present, with people from Rio Arriba, Taos, Santa Fe, and Los Alamos counties. Hopefully these new citizen scientists will get their gauges up before our next precipitation event!

If you missed last night but still want to participate in the CoCoRaHS network, it’s not too late! The network has online training videos located here, and our friends at Weather Your Way can sell you an official rain gauge here.

Kerry Jones from NWS ABQ shows off the CoCoRaHS cell phone app.
Dr. David DuBois demonstrates how to use a snow swatter to measure snow.
Dr. DuBois makes sure everybody knows how to mount their rain gauge.

Many thanks to the National Weather Service in Albuquerque, as well as Dr. David DuBois, for their expertise, and thank you to all of our fantastic citizen scientists for participating in the event!

Stay tuned for upcoming science events and activities at New Mexico Wildlife Center- we have many more planned!


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