Expedition to the Bosque del Apache

Last weekend, NMWC tried out our new 12-passenger van by taking some of our most dedicated volunteers to the Bosque del Apache. We left on Friday and headed down, went birding during the day, and hung around until the evening fly in. Then we got up very early on Saturday, made it to the Bosque in time for the fly out, and drove the loop one more time. We saw 32 species of birds on Saturday, including pyrrhuloxia, which has been on my list for quite some time.

It was a fantastic trip. We hope to have some of these expeditions open to the public in the future- stay tuned for announcements!

A field of sandhill cranes and light geese at Bosque del Apache
Checking out a few birds from the warmth of the visitor center
Morning fly out on the Bosque del Apache
Sunrise at the Bosque del Apache
A trumpeter swan at Bosque del Apache
Pyrrhuloxia, photo by Karen Garcia


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