River Classroom: The Almost Finished Product

Finally, it’s time for the big reveal. What are our River Classroom students building?!

I’ll save that for the end of the post- first a few photos from class:

A student-drawn circuit diagram

What’s a circuit? Can you draw one? Our River Classroom students can! I’m always surprised at how much they retain from class to class, but last Wednesday, everybody was on a roll. We began class by reviewing electricity. This knowledge of circuits will be important for our final product.

More great photos of students building:






In case those photos don’t give it away…


That’s right! We are building working water wheels! The students have constructed the stands and the wheels, and this week we began assembly.


Above you can see one of the finished products. We will attach a generator to the wheel, and then we hope to be able to power a light bulb!

Building these water wheels was a fantastic learning experience for the students. They practiced reading and following directions and learned how to use tools. We included many different math and physics concepts. One of the more important lessons is that when building something like this for the first time, we can’t expect everything to be perfect on the first try. Building and inventing is a process of trial and error. Hopefully our first trial in the river will go smoothly!


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