Atoms, Water, and the World

Yesterday was one of our best classes yet at Santo Domingo! The weather really hasn’t cooperated with our trips down south, and yesterday was very, very cold. Instead of forcing the Santo Domingo 4th graders to stand out in the cold, we met them at school for some hands on science.

We began by introducing the students to the concept of atoms. Students divided into groups of two and created models of atoms out of apples, skewers, and raisins. It was amazing how fast these kids picked up this concept! Each group was able to create a different element.

After atoms, we moved on to the water cycle. As a scientist who spent years researching precipitation, this was very exciting for me. I got to explain the shape of rain drops, and some students even incorporated this knowledge into their drawings of the water cycle!

FullSizeRender2Each drawing of the water cycle was unique.


One of the best qualities of these students at Santo Domingo is their incredible creativity. They’re also talented artists, and this came across in their drawings.

This student drew the local water cycle, complete with the local river!
The water cycle is important for animals!
I wish I could draw this well!

After a demonstration of the water cycle, we discussed navigation and began to introduce the concepts of latitude and longitude. These will be important for our next class session when we hope to be able to go back to the Rio Grande and start working with GPS units!


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