Owl Peak Farm Summer Camp

From July 6-10, NMWC hosted our second summer camp of the year. This camp was sponsored and hosted by Owl Peak Farm in La Madera, NM. We had another fantastic group of local kids, and we learned a lot of science during the week.

Hanging out at the farm.

A local farm is a fantastic place to hold a summer camp, and it provides ample opportunities to study plants and what they need to grow.

Planting collards.
Testing how plants react when something they need to grow is withheld.

We even got to help out on the farm a little!

Sorting carrots after thinning part of a row.
Sorting carrots after thinning part of a row.

Owl Peak Farm sits on the Tusas River, which gave us ample opportunity to discuss the ins and outs of riparian ecosystems, the importance of benthic macroinvertebrates, and the effects of beaver.

Exploring the river
Looking at benthic macroinvertebrates under a microscope
Looking at benthic macroinvertebrates under a microscope

Of course, not all of New Mexico is wetland, so we had to explore a nearby arroyo.

Checking out a drier area near the farm.

In this arroyo, we talked about geology. We noticed that some of the rocks looked like animals, so we took a few back to the farm and embellished them.

This rock looked like a fox!

On hot afternoons, we got to swim in the pool below El Ojito hot springs- it was a real treat!

Jumping in to cool off!

We practice tying knots on several days. One morning we hiked up behind the farm and discussed emergency shelters. This was particularly fun because it involved very little participation from the adults. Campers had to figure it out using their new knots!

Setting up emergency shelters.

  Everybody did a great job, and we enjoyed lunch in our little shelters.

Checking out a newly-constructed shelter.

The entire experience was incredibly fun for everybody involved. On the last day, we reviewed everything we discussed, and the campers remembered all of the science that we learned over the week.

We had a fantastic time, and we’re very grateful to Owl Peak Farm for supporting and hosting this camp!


One thought on “Owl Peak Farm Summer Camp

  • My daughter loved this program. We both hope you can offer it again next summer. Hopefully for a longer period of time. Thank you for your out reach programs


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