Call Search and Rescue! Or our 7th Graders…

Taking accurate measurements of your location and the location of your data is a very important skill for scientists to have. How many people actually understand why the GPS on their phone works? On Monday we addressed both of these concerns with our excellent 7th graders from McCurdy Charter School.

We began at NMWC by discussing latitude and longitude and why these concepts exist.

An exercise ball and an acorn squash are great demonstration tools

The students constructed their own globes to get a better handle on the concept.

Drawing perfect lines of latitude

After learning about latitude and longitude, it was time to save some “lives”! We headed out to an area of BLM land behind NMWC to use our GPS units to find some “victims” of hiking accidents. Each group had different coordinates.

A “rescue team” grouping up to form a plan
Entering the coordinates of the first “victim”
Heading out on the search
Heading out on the search
Heading out on the search
We found a "victim"!
Nope… nothing there!
Victoriously waving a "victim"
Victoriously waving a “victim”
On to the next one!
Searching for another “victim”
“I think we need to go that way.”
This “victim” ended up in a tree!
Found another one!
Found another one!

Fortunately, thanks to our great group of students, all of the “victims” were successfully recovered by the end of the day. I think these guys will make a great SAR team… as soon as they graduate from high school!


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