Reviewing in Tierra Amarilla

It’s almost Christmas Break, and that means it’s time to review everything we’ve learned over the last several months! This time during our trip to Tierra Amarilla, we reviewed past topics and learned a little about water.

We began with a brief discussion of the upcoming solstice and what it means as far as hours of sunlight in the day. This discussion inspired some brilliant questions, and we ended up calculating how many miles are in one light year. Answer: a bunch!

Beginning a bunch of multiplication on the board

After this discussion we began our review. Our students in TA are all wonderful athletes, and our review game was inspired by our class location in the gym.

The classes divided into two teams- boys against girls. The teams were asked the same question. Each team got a chance to answer the question. If a team got the answer correct, they got the chance to make a basket. If they got the basket, they got the points.

Questions were based on material we’ve covered through the year.

Ready for the next question
Will it be a difficult question?

Everybody had a great time answering questions and having the opportunity to move around.

After this fun game, we moved on to discussing water. This was an opportunity to review atoms and molecules, and students built molecules of water and learning about water’s unique properties, include the fact that the molecule is polarized.

1 Oxygen + 2 Hydrogen = WATER!
Another great water molecule
More water molecules

We discussion cohesion, and then we tested it out and compared the cohesion of water to that of isopropyl alcohol.

Getting a dropper of water
Blowing on the water to make it move across the wax paper

After a few minutes of scientific observations of the properties of water and alcohol, everybody was clear!

One of the neatest things was that when our students place drops of water on the wax paper and blow on them, they create little shapes that look just like bow echoes with bookend vortices!

We hope our students in Tierra Amarilla have a wonderful Christmas break, and we can’t wait to see everybody again in January!


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