The Review Games

Yesterday was our final class session before the holiday break, and what better way to spend it than reviewing with our 4th-6th grade River Classroom?

We actually began the day by discussing blood and blood cells. Students (who wanted) had the opportunity to test their own blood sugar level and examine their own blood cells under a microscope.

A few students were slightly anxious about the part where they had to prick their finger!
Everything is ready to collect a sample
Pricking fingers to test blood sugar


Looking at blood cells under the microscope
We also got to examine samples from mammals and ducks, thanks to NMWC’s ICU unit


After checking out the blood cells, we played our review game. Students divided into two teams and were given a white board. Each question was worth a number of points determined by the instructors, and students had 30 seconds to write their answer on the white board. The winner got the points! We even had a few Candy Bonus questions, where members of the winning team got peanut butter cups AND points.

Writing answers as quickly as possible


Our students are so smart- they remembered so much! One student even remembered “cohesion”. Most importantly, everybody had a wonderful time!


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