Looking at Cells in Tierra Amarilla

Earlier this year we spent a few weeks discussing plant and animal cells with our 4th-6th grade Española River Classroom. Our 5th-6th grade students in Tierra Amarilla have had fantastic questions about cells, and so we decided to take our microscopes north!

We began the day by asking a few questions to assess how much our (incredibly smart) students already knew.

Eager students with excellent questions

We ended up doing some calculations of the timing between different events in Earth’s history. Not only did this introduce how cells have changed, but it was also a pretty good refresher on scientific notation.

Math with large numbers

Our students remembered quite a bit about cells, and so we moved on to parts of a microscope. We were excited to discover that most of the kids hadn’t used one before and were about to experience microscopes for the first time!

Taking a first look through the microscopes
Checking out some plant cells




We ended up looking at onion cells (plant cells) and cells from our cheeks (animal cells). Our students were able to distinguish between the two and explain the differences.

Onion cells through the microscope
Happy to do science!

Our students in Tierra Amarilla continue to impress us with their thirst for science knowledge, and we can’t wait to head back that way again!

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