Talking Trees in Tierra Amarilla

Teaching the 5th-6th grade at Tierra Amarilla Elementary is so much fun, especially when we get to introduce new, local scientists like Mary Stuever, from New Mexico State Forestry Divison.

Mary met us at the school to help answer some of the fantastic questions our students had about trees and how they grow. We split into three groups and rotated through three stations, one of which was all about trees!

Checking out some tree cookies
Looking at photos of wildfires

Not all of the groups were about trees. Our second group learned about ratios using wheels of different sizes.


Doing some math as a group
Building a machine with wheels of two different sizes




The third group learned how to calculate rate from distance and time. We also tested how the height of a ramp affects the rate of a car rolled down the ramp.



Discussing our measurement and precision.
Testing a double-ramp with multiple cars (just for fun).

Once again our students in Tierra Amarilla proved just how smart they are by answering questions and by asking excellent questions of their own. We just can’t get enough of these kids!

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