Connecting Concepts with Projects

Last Wednesday we met with our 4th-6th grade Española River Classroom. We met at NMWC this time so that we could begin working on our end-of-year projects.

We began by pulling out those lists of vocabulary words that we put into categories a few weeks ago. In between classes, we pasted those lists onto poster board. This time we asked the groups to make connections between the categories. For example, how are benthic macroinvertebrates related to cells? How is photosynthesis related to dissolved oxygen in the Rio Chama?

Our students spent quite a while making stories about the connections between the categories on their posters.






Of course we had a motive for asking our students to think about these connections. Our next task for the class was to begin brainstorming about our final projects. They’re just so cool that we can’t give you any details right now, but trust me- you want to stay posted! For now, you’re stuck with these photos of our students collaborating, researching, and talking with their group mentors.








These projects will be debuted at our Open House event for parents and the community. We’ll post details when we get them ironed out!

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