Meet Our 2016-2017 River Classrooms: Chama Elementary

School has begun once again, and we have an excellent group of River Classrooms this year! Stay tuned over the next few days as we catch up on posting about our first adventures into (and out of) these classrooms.

Up first: Chama Elementary

We’re very excited to be working with the 4th and 5th grade students of Chama Elementary. This is a new school for us, and it seems that these kids have already heard a little about River Classroom from their friends in Tierra Amarilla!

We joined these students at their school on September 6 to introduce ourselves and gauge how much the students already know about water in New Mexico.

Drawing the water cycle
Working with a model of the amount of water on Earth. Students were surprised at how little of the water on Earth is accessible and drinkable.
Discussing pollution and where it comes from
Modeling the water cycle with a stove
Each student found his/her weight…
… and then calculated how much of his/her weight was from water!

We learned that the students at Chama Elementary are a fantastic group of kids who love to be outside. They also ask great questions. Our students learned what to expect from River Classroom and reviewed concepts related to the water cycle, the amount of water on Earth (and how much is usable), and what it means for water to be polluted.

On our next excursion to Chama we will be exploring the local river with these students, and we can’t wait!


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