Meet our 2016-2017 River Classrooms: Tierra Amarilla Elementary

Next up on our list of River Classrooms for the 2016-2017 school year: Tierra Amarilla Elementary

We began working with Tierra Amarilla Elementary School last year, and once again we are meeting with all of the 5th and 6th grade students. This year the students we taught in 5th grade last year have moved up to 6th grade, and we have a whole new crop of students who have moved up from 4th grade. Working with students for two years in a row allows us to develop relationships with these fantastic kids and helps solidify the concepts that we teach in River Classroom.

Introductions outside on a gorgeous day
One of our favorite activities: polluting and then attempting to clean water
A student ponders how to clean her water sample
Attempting to filter polluted water
Some filtering solutions work better than others!
Graphing the amount of fresh water on Earth

We were really impressed by how much our 6th graders remembered from last year, and we were excited by how quickly the 5th graders caught on. Once again, this group continues to ask wonderful science questions.

Now that these students are familiar with some basic concepts about water, where pollution comes from, and how difficult it is to clean water once it gets polluted, we’re ready to head to the river to begin water quality testing!

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