Exploring the Rio Chama with Tierra Amarilla

Last week we joined our students from Tierra Amarilla Elementary at the Rio Chama in Los Ojos for our first adventure of the year exploring this unique riparian habitat. One of the many benefits of working with so many schools along the Rio Chama is that by collecting data in multiple locations we are getting a more complete idea of how healthy this critical watershed is and how water quality parameters change from season to season.

Since this was the first time the 5th graders in the group have been to this river with River Classroom, we used the day to explore the area.

Creating a map


Using a compass to add a compass rose to the map


We also discussed wader safety and hopped in the river to see if we could find any benthic macroinvertebrates. We’ll spend a great deal of time discussing and counting these aquatic insects later in the year, but for now we began learning basic identification.



We had a wonderful day on the river, and we can’t wait to check out this location again in a few weeks to get started measuring water quality parameters!


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