Since 1986, New Mexico Wildlife Center has inspired wildlife stewardship in New Mexico. Each year we see hundreds of injured, orphaned, electrocuted, poisoned, and human imprinted wild animals. Our goal is to raise public awareness about the value of wildlife and the conservation of safe habitats through education.


{ Our Philosophy }

Education is paramount to raising public awareness about wildlife. If people appreciate and value their environment, they are more likely to take care of it. All of our education programs are based in solid science- chemistry, biology, ecology, and physics. We take students outside the classroom to explore locations such as the banks of the Rio Chama, the Abiquiu Formation at Plaza Blanca, Ghost Ranch, and areas of the Santa Fe National Forest. River Classroom provides students with the critical thinking skills and solid science backgrounds that will allow them to make informed decisions regarding wildlife management and ecosystem health. Our students are able to analyze information and judge its validity.  Participating students will have a foundation of skills and knowledge to begin to prepare them for the jobs in science and technology that will guide our societies to environmental health and balance. We expect great things from our students.  A healthy, balanced, thriving ecosystem for all species depends upon them.



We are a small organization and don’t often have openings within our organization. If we do have any opportunities, we will post them here.

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