Alice Alice was brought to the Wildlife Center from Santa Fe in February, 2006. She was a juvenile and had two broken wings, most likely from hitting a window. Her wings could not be fixed well enough for her to fly.

Cooper’s Hawk
(Accipiter cooper)

Range and Habitat:
The Cooper’s hawk is a woodland raptor that breeds throughout much of the US, southern Canada, and northern Mexico. These hawks live in forests where they fly fast through the woods, chasing their prey of other birds. Some Cooper’s hawks nest in urban and suburban areas, probably because these places provide a large supply of the types of songbirds they like to eat.

Cooper’s hawks hunt mostly medium-sized birds and some small mammals.

Natural History:
The Cooper’s hawk is an accipiter with characteristic short, broad wings and a long tail. Although abundant, it is secretive.

Conservation Issues:
Like the peregrine falcon that also feeds on birds, Cooper’s hawks were affected by the use of several pesticides in the mid-1900s. Today, 70% of the Cooper’s hawk deaths in urban areas are caused by collisions with objects like windows and cars. Logging of their forest homes may also impact the overall Cooper’s hawk population. Cooper’s hawks seem to be increasing in New Mexico bosques.


Sponsor Alice

Alice can be sponsored for $2500. This will keep her fed and her shelter maintained.

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