Cibola Cibola came to the Wildlife Center from the Icarus Facility in Hereford, Arizona in August 2010 as a juvenile. She had a fracture of the right humerus that did not heal well enough to allow her to be released back to the wild.

Northern Goshawk
(Accipiter gentilis)

Range and Habitat:
Northern goshawks are the largest of the three accipiters found in North America, and occupies boreal and temperate forests. In New Mexico, it is found in ponderosa pine forests, mixed conifer, aspen stands, and in riparian areas among the cottonwoods. This hawk is a powerful flyer, able to maneuver in forest habitats.

Large birds, including smaller raptors, ravens, northern flickers, and various jays and small mammals including cottontails, squirrels, and chipmunks.

Conservation Issues:
Timber harvest is a primary threat to nesting populations. The birds’ winter habitat use is poorly understood and the human impacts cannot be assessed. In New Mexico, the northern goshawk faces threats from loss of habitat due to logging, forest fires, and drought.


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Cibola can be sponsored for $2500. This will keep her fed and her shelter maintained.

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