NMWC offers a variety of programming designed for audiences from pre-school through adult ages. These include live raptor demonstrations, science education for K-12 students, and tours of our non-releasable education animals.

Scott and Max
Handler Scott Bol and our Bald Eagle, Maxwell

Raptor Programs

Our bird education programs are designed to engage, inform, and foster excitement in K-12 school age children, community and service organizations, senior citizens, special needs groups, and the general public. Programs provide information on habitats, adaptation, conservation and biology, utilizing raptors on the fist and other animals on site. An education program at New Mexico Wildlife Center includes a program utilizing at least three raptors, a tour of the 30+ resident animals and games and activities that enforce the information the children have learned. Whether on-site or at your location, learning about wild animals such as eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls will emphasize important scientific themes as well as foster a conservation ethic among participants.

To sign your school or group up for a raptor program, please call NMWC at (505) 753-9505 or email .

River Classroom

The River Classroom program is offered for local public schools in northern New Mexico. This is a place-based experiential education program in which NMWC meets with 20-25 students to engage in a variety of place-based, hands-on science lessons. We host these classes outdoors at the Rio Chama below Abiquiu Dam (in partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers) and at other locations in the Santa Fe National Forest (in partnership with the US Forest Service) in northern New Mexico.

Designed primarily for 4th-6th grade, NMWC has developed a three year curriculum, with water quality monitoring and river ecology at the core. Beyond these topics, the class rotates through ecology, biology, and geology; energy; and weather and climate. The lessons are all designed using the Next Generation Science Standards (or New Mexico State Science Standards, if the teacher prefers). The water quality measurements taken during River Class will be based on the Standard Operating Procedures that NMWC has developed in conjunction with the New Mexico Environmental Department’s Surface Water Quality Board so that these data can be utilized by the state.

River Classroom is not limited to 4th-6th grade students. We have worked with Earth Sciences classes at McCurdy High School, Wildlife Biology classes at Santa Fe High School, and 7th-10th grade GATE students in the Española Public School District. If you are interested in working with NMWC to develop a year-long experiential science program for your school, please contact our Education Director: .

Summer Camps

NMWC offers summer science camps for grades 4-6. These are day camps (sometimes we camp out on Thursday night) and last for one week. Activities are heavily science-based, but fun and include a significant outdoor component. Participants will leave with a better knowledge of local ecosystems. Camp topics are rotated each year. Sign ups for these camps will begin in March.

We are very grateful for support for these programs from the Frost Foundation as well as from United Way of Northern New Mexico.

These programs would not be possible without their support!



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