velcro Velcro is a female who was found by hikers during the summer of 2005 curled up on a railroad track south of Albuquerque. The hikers thought she was a puppy and took her to Petco to get puppy supplies. Petco informed the hikers of their mistake. Velcro was placed with an animal rehabilitator, and unfortunately imprinted on her. She was brought here in the fall of 2005.

Gray Fox
(Urocyon cinereoargenteus)

Range and Habitat:
Gray foxes like to live in chaparral, open desert, wooded areas, and among boulders on the slopes of rocky ridges in canyons. Their dens are generally built in hollow logs or trees, under rocks or in rocky crevices, and sometimes in underground burrows. The gray fox is the only member of the dog family that can climb trees, usually to avoid predators or to hunt birds.

Gray foxes eat meat and fruit. They hunt mostly at night in search of small mammals. They will also eat eggs, insects, birds, fruits, acorns, and berries.

Conservation Issues:
Due to habitat loss, the gray fox is learning to adapt to urban environments. It can be found in many developed areas where they can hide. These urban foxes have a higher rate of canine distemper than those in the wild due to their exposure to stray dogs.