Wildlife Hospital

New Mexico Wildlife Center houses a wildlife hospital that cares for as many as 800 injured and orphaned wild animals each year. Patients of all kinds come to us from all over the state. Our federally- and state-licensed wildlife hospital is staffed with experienced, professional wildlife rehabilitators. Our goal is to return these animals back to the wild in New Mexico, and to educate our communities about living peaceably with wildlife.


Since 1987, New Mexico Wildlife Center hospital has:

  • treated almost 30,000 injured and orphaned wild patients of all kinds.
  • trained a large corps of interns and volunteers in the care and treatment of wildlife.
  • worked with New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and United States Fish and Wildlife to return healthy wildlife to the wild.

34489791_10211555008617976_7922492512378290176_n     Gabriella Intern Pic

How do we accomplish these things? Our hospital currently has:

  • Two full-time staff,
  • Four professional veterinarians who volunteer their time,
  • Five regular in-hospital volunteers,
  • More than 50 volunteer transporters who bring animals to us from around the state,
  • Five summer interns, and
  • Many, many donors and supporters!

Our patients in 2018 have ranged in size from the tiniest Hummingbird, to Eagles, Elk calves, and Mule Deer fawns. In 2016, New Mexico Wildlife Center treated 743 animals representing more than 120 different species of animals.

Special thanks to the veterinarians who help us provide the best care and medical treatment for our patients:

Dr. Julie Breer, Smith Veterinary Hospital, Santa Fe, NM
Dr. Sarah Sirica, Thaw Animal Hospital, Santa Fe, NM
Dr. Bridget Lyman, Smith Veterinary Hospital, Santa Fe, NM
Dr. Michelle Salob, Santa Fe Animal Shelter, Santa Fe, NM